About us


Peace Mantra has arisen from a multitude of wonderful people, dispositions and powers, so that it cannot be tied to a single person in this sense. I, Esther, received the initial spark for this project in March 2021.One evening i heard the wonderful chanting of the peace mantra OM SHANTI. It touched my heart so deep that the idea for Peace Mantra arose from it.

Growing up in a family of artists, creativity, music and art shaped me from early age. At the age of 14 I was on stage with our family band "multi art". I was playing synthesizers back then. I compleated my first training as a waitress in a large hotel in bremen. I was later allowed to travel around the world on a cruise ship as a stewardess. For health reasons, I then retrained to become a media designer a few years ago. This enables me to implement my heart project Lovingcards. It is about giving people with encouraging and loving messages in the form of tags, stickers and postcards strength, hope and a reminder of their true potential.

My other project Oneminuteveggie, which came into beeing in 2015, is committed to animal welfare and the end of factory farming and industrial fishing. Among other things, it is planned to erect a memorial stone for the sacrificed animals in the coming period. I have already carved this stone myself under the guidance of a stone sculptor here in Bremen.


My life was shaped by a multitude of personal crises. At the beginning of the twenties, the deep desire arose from me to one day my live my full, healthy, radiant potential; my true essence. I am now now 50 years old and I feel better than ever! I feel, that I am here now, in my true essence. This fills me with such deep joy and gratitude. This feeling can hardly be described in words.


The discovery of chanting


I used to take part in meditative singing circles, where we sang and chanted without any pressure to perform simply for the sake of joy. There I got to know and appreciate the beneficial power of mantra singing. The wonderful exceptional musicans Deva Premal and Miten have been with me on my way for a long time. At two live concerts I could truly feel the wonderful power of chanting together when we sang mantras together with several hundred people in a large concert hall. Really magical! I also like to sing mantras on my bike. Very much like the wonderful gaiatri mantra.